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Did You Suffer Due to a Defective Hernia Mesh?

If you had hernia surgery which used a surgical mesh, and are now suffering complications, you may be entitled to significant compensation for your suffering.

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Did You Suffer Due to a Defective Hernia Mesh?

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Did You Suffer Because of Hernia Mesh Complications?

More than one million hernia repairs are done each year in the U.S.

A hernia occurs when an organ or fatty tissue pushes out through the surrounding muscle or tissue. Hernias commonly involve the stomach or the intestine. In many cases, surgery may be required to restore the organ to its original location.

Hernia repair surgeries might use a mesh to support the tissue around the hernia as it heals post-surgery. Surgical meshes are used in nine of 10 hernia repair surgeries annually. They help to prevent hernia recurrence as well.

Unfortunately, many of these meshes simply don’t work and have caused severe complications for patients, leading to the FDA recall of hernia meshes manufactured by various brands.

Did You Suffer from Hernia Mesh Complications?

Complications Due to Hernia Mesh

The FDA has recalled several surgical mesh products used for hernia repair from the market.

According to the FDA, recalled mesh products were the main cause of bowel perforation and obstructions in hernia repair patients.

Common complications observed by patients include:

  • Organ Perforation
  • Hernia Recurrence
  • Infection
  • Mesh Adhesion
  • Mesh Migration
  • Mesh Shrinkage
  • Pain
  • Repair Surgery
  • Removal Surgery

We Can Help You

Hernia repair surgery is expected to heal you, not cause further injury.

If you had a hernia repair surgery which used a mesh, and have experienced any of the above complications, you may be entitled to significant compensation. Reach out to our experienced team of lawyers to learn more.

You do not need to know the specific mesh manufacturer and brand used in your surgery. We will get the required medical information and investigate whether your complications are related to defective surgical mesh used during the hernia repair.

Any consultation with us is confidential and completely free. You do not pay us a penny until you receive a settlement.

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